Nuremberg – where history meets innovation

Altstadt Panorama, Uwe Niklas

1,000 years of history

In Nuremberg, 1,000 years of history and a unique historical town centre form the backdrop for a modern and bustling city where business, technology, culture and lifestyle exist happily side by side.

Nürnberg Fachwerkhäuser
Nürnberg Fachwerkhäuser, Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V., Andrew Cowin

History meets Innovation

Nuremberg is a modern city with a population of half a million, the hub of a region at the heart of Europe and Bavaria's second-largest commercial centre, known for innovation and technology. Together with its surrounding region it is home to a cluster of companies and research institutions of worldwide repute, working in the automation and power electronics, IT and telecoms, transport and logistics, energy and environment as well as medical and healthcare sectors. At the same time, there’s no other city in Germany that offers a more palpable sense of history at every turn. In Nuremberg, congress delegates get the chance to explore two very different worlds, both of which are combined in a very special way.

Nürnberg Germanisches Nationalmuseum
Nürnberg Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg, Günther Schmidt

Did you know?

The MP3 Format which is standard for all MP3 players was developed at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg in the 1980s.
Not, that any MP3 sound could compete with the live performance at Nürnberg's KlassikOpenAir Festival!

KlassikOpenAir, Uwe Niklas

Transport & Location

Albrecht Dürer Airport Nürnberg © Airport Nürnberg
Albrecht Dürer Airport Nürnberg © Airport Nürnberg

Transport and Location

Nuremberg, south-east of Frankfurt and north of Munich, can conveniently be reached by all means of transport. Albrecht Dürer Aiport Nürnberg is a multiple winner of the prestigious ‘Business Traveller Award‘ for the Best German Airport. With the underground station located right in front of the airport terminal, NürnbergConvention Center is only 20 minutes away and it’s only a 12 minute ride to the city’s train station. Visitors arriving by train and either ICE, IC or Eurocity trains can choose from 400 rail and bus routes, which can be used with only one ticket.

MICE Infrastructure

MICE Infrastructure

Nuremberg's event locations are as diverse as the city itself. From modern conference hotels to historical venues, the Bavarian city offers the complete package for conferences and events. Guests will also find accommodation options for every taste and altogether 8,750 rooms, be it in 5-star luxury hotels or a youth hostel. This being Nuremberg, the latter is on the premises of the striking 12th century Imperial Castle, one of Europe’s most formidable medieval fortifications.

NürnbergConvention Center is the city’s main congress venue with a capacity of up to 12,800 delegates. 50 meeting rooms and 15 exhibition halls mean that the venue can provide maximum flexibility and cater for individual requirements. Alongside these conventional options, Nuremberg offers a wide choice of historic and atmospheric locations enhancing any business gathering, such as the Faber Castell Castle, the Blue Lagoon at Nuremberg Zoo, the historical City Council Chamber, the Puma Brand Center, the Germanic National Museum or the Ofenwerk, a former factory and now classic cars centre.

NürnbergConvention Center
NürnbergConvention Center, Nürnberg Messe, Thomas Geiger

Things to see & do

Burg, Nürnberg Messe

Things to see & do

Congress delegates will find a lot in Nuremberg to be inspired by. One of the most famous painters and graphic artist in art history hails from Nuremberg so the Albrecht Dürer House in a half-timbered building

from 1420 should be top of the list. Overall, Nuremberg has an astonishing variety of museums covering every aspect from art and history to industry and communications. The Germanic National Museum, State Museum for Art and Design, German Railway Museum, Toy Museum or Museum of Industrial Culture are just a few examples.

For something different, organisers can whisk delegates away in specially designed vehicles called Aaglander that look like the first automobiles built by Carl Benz and recreate the travel experience of the 19th century. Or invite business partners to a medieval knights’ dinner in the surroundings of a historic 12th century monastery. Arguably Nuremberg’s most famous attraction is the city’s Christmas Market, one of the oldest and definitely the best known worldwide. Every year, more than two million people from all over the world visit the Christkindlesmarkt, as it’s called locally.

For foodies, Nuremberg’s much loved grilled sausages on sauerkraut are a must, to be tried in one of the historic taverns around the market square. Or sample the street food version: Their size - small and short – makes for fabulous ‘sausage burgers’ and the local way to do it, is to put three in a bread roll and enjoy them like a sandwich. Nuremberg also offers fine dining galore and a variety of styles from rustic and romantic to modern and urban.

Key Industries

Nuremberg: High-tech in the shadow of the castle.

The strengths of this Franconian city in the areas of technology + innovation, energy + the environment, transport + logistics and medicine + healthcare dominate the cityscape as much as its medieval castle.

The focus is on power electronics and ITC (information and telecommunications industry), in which Nuremberg has the third highest number of patent applications in Europe.


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Technical Visits

Technical Visits


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