Energy and the environment:

Efficiency is the winning card.


Energy and the environment

Through pioneering political initiatives and innovative greentech products, Germany is setting the global trend in the field of climate protection and energy efficiency.

Germany is regarded as a pioneer of sustainability and is a global leader in the field of environmental technology. The Renewable Energy Sources Act introduced back in the year 2000 has been used as a model by almost 50 other countries for their own support mechanisms, and, as a major engine for growth and the creation of jobs, 'Greentech made in Germany' is playing an increasingly important role in terms of strengthening the country's international trade position.

Various statistics bear out the global trend towards renewable energies and underline Germany's outstanding reputation in this area. With an additional 7,400 MW of installed capacity, Germany was named the photovoltaics world champion once again in 2010, and it was also the number one in Europe for wind energy with 27,214 MW of installed capacity. In terms of the level of investment in new capacities for generating energy from renewable sources, Germany was in second place behind China and ahead of the USA in third place.

The sustainability goals that the German government has set itself are well above average. By 2050, it aims to cover at least 80 per cent of electricity consumption and at least 60 per cent of the country's entire energy consumption through renewable energies. So it's hardly surprising that Germany is also an international pioneer in the field of green meetings, regularly hosting top events in this sector. Three examples are Intersolar, which is the largest international trade fair for solar technology and is held every year in Munich, the international wind energy conference DEWEK (every two years in Bremen) and the major sustainability conferences in the UN city of Bonn.

Energy and the environment - Hubs in Germany
Energy and the environment - Hubs in Germany


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