´Entire Group outside the Palace of Justice and Courtroom 600, California Judges Association

Creighton University & California Judges Association in Nuremberg

Creighton University & California Judges Association Immerse Themselves in Social Justice with Powerful Nuremberg 70th Anniversary Commemoration Program.

The Why - Executive Summary

The California Judges Association (CJA) was established in 1929 and is the professional association of the State of California’s court system. Members include judges of the Superior Courts and Courts of Appeal, Commissioners of State Courts, and State Bar Court judges. Retired judges from these courts are also members.
Every year the CJA takes an educational trip to broaden the professional perspectives of its members, and every 10 years, they look to do something particularly special.
The summer of 2015 marked that 10th year trip for the CJA, and with the 70th anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials coming up in November 2015, a visit to Nuremberg was the perfect fit.  

The School of Law at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, with its motto of "educating for service and justice" also participated in the program, as did delegates from the Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law in Orange County, California.

The Where, Who & How - Meeting Details 

People from across the U.S. and around the world come to Nuremberg for business, academic and personal reasons centering on the city’s history, expertise and dynamic commitment to international and human rights law. The Nuremberg Trials served as a foundation for the future of addressing war crimes and crimes against humanity. Today, Nuremberg continues to offer learning and commemoration opportunities often located at original sites including the Documentation Center, the Rally Grounds and the Memorium Nürnberg Trials Museum.  Nuremberg has also created new experiences with the Nuremberg International Human Rights Award & Peace Table Festival, International Human Rights Film Festival, and the “Avenue of Children’s Rights” in Nuremberg City Park.

With so many relevant and impactful things to do in Nuremberg, seven days were planned for the visit to remember, experience and honor the Nuremberg Trial’s 70th anniversary coming up in November 2015. An optional, 3-day extension trip to Krakow, Poland was also offered.

Working closely with the Nuremberg Convention Bureau, the knowledge-rich program was created by International Business Seminars (IBS), an organization out of Scottsdale, Arizona, that creates undergraduate, graduate and professional programs abroad.

The program started with an evening welcome reception at the Le Méridien Grand Hotel Nuremberg, built in 1895. The next morning, participants hit the street to join a private, historian-led walking tour that shared the fascinating 1,000+ year history of the oldest still fully-walled city in Germany, Switzerland and Austria - including a visit to the Nuremberg Imperial Castle, built in the 12th century.

The next four days were filled with lectures and an informal mixer with law students and faculty of Nuremberg’s Friedrich-Alexander University, a tour of the Nazi Party Rally Grounds and Documentation Center, and a side trip to Dachau and Munich which is 1-2 hours from Nuremberg. The program further included a screening of the Schulberg/Waletzky restored version of the documentary “Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today”, a day trip to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest in Berchtesgarden, and a tour and dinner at the ancient Weltenburg Abbey and Biergarten.

The visit came to its crescendo on the final day at Courtroom 600 in the Nuremberg Palace of Justice with a private tour, presentations and keynote, including remarks from the U.S. Ambassador to Germany. The group then toured the Memorium Nuremberg Trials Museum, above Courtroom 600, with the curator as their personal guide. In the evening a 70th Nuremberg Trial Commemoration dinner was hosted at the Tucherschloss, a small castle in the city center.

Finally, on the day before departure, participants visited Neuschwanstein Castle in Southern Germany.

The Wow – The Results & Destination Difference

The 65 participants of the program had a truly rich experience in Nuremberg connecting with people, ideas, history and learnings that appealed to them not only as legal experts but also as historians - as many are in their own right.

“What happened in Nuremberg decades ago laid the foundation for modern international legal systems, and its story remains as relevant and poignant today,” said Jia Xie, Program Manager at International Business Seminars. “Our program with the CJA, Creighton and Chapman was as much about cultural and historic immersion as it was about business and professional development. The Nuremberg Convention Bureau worked closely with me to help strike this powerful balance. It was a unique opportunity for participants to broaden their views and take back an experience that many reported deeply touched them.”

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