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Innovative Medical Minds Meet at MedTech Summit in Nuremberg

Invest in Bavaria live streams Start Ups from Boston

The Why—Executive Summary

Nuremberg’s Medical Valley Means Medicine & Business

Known for its picturesque, Medieval city and its place in the history of international law there is also something else that beats at the heart of Nuremberg … medical expertise.

It’s Medical Valley European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg (EMN), in fact, is a thriving community of research, education and business making it an ideal place for medical, technology and pharma professionals from around the world to meet. 

In June 2016, the MedTech Summit, hosted by the Network Forum MedTech Pharma and organized with the NürnbergMesse, was once again held in Nuremberg focusing on innovation and digitalization.

Here global delegates learned from a content and tech-rich conference & exhibition and also via live video stream with medical technology start-ups in Cambridge Massachusetts - a special session organized by the network Medical Valley and Invest in Bavaria’s new Cambridge office.

The Where, Who and How -  Meeting Details

Nuremberg is Steeped in Medical Innovation

Medical know-how is nothing new in Nuremberg with innovation deeply woven into its history and culture. It was, for example, where early anesthesia and x-ray technology advanced in the mid-to-late 1800’s and where the first industrially manufactured infusion solution was created in the 1920’s.  

Today, it is home to two internationally renowned networks Forum MedTech Pharma, and the Medical Valley.

The Medical Valley is a regional cluster made up of more than 40 hospitals, major medical universities & clinics, 20+ non-university research centers, and hundreds of medical companies such as Siemens Healthcare and Novartis Pharma. 

Forum MedTech Pharma, is the largest network for medical technology and health in Germany and Europe and also has members from the U.S., Canada, Japan and HongKong and many other countries. Comprised of companies, hospitals, research institutes, associations, insurance funds and law firms it too reflects the heterogeneous nature of medicine and healthcare. 

Together they focus on some of the most critical areas of care today from telemedicine, wireless, digital and mobile technologies … to biomaterials, clinical trial best practices and regulation.
MedTech Returns to Nuremberg for 5th Time

This deep and wide industry expertise in Nuremberg has in turn attracted organizers of many medical conferences including the MedTech Summit which has hosted their biennial event 5 times in Nuremberg now– most recently in June 2016.

The two-day 2016 MedTech Summit program, organized with the help of NürnbergMesse, welcomed 1,000 attendees from around the world and took place at the NürnbergConvention Center known for its leading-edge design and world class meeting infrastructure.   

The Summit’s themes of innovation and digitization followed the process of developing an idea into a marketable medical device.  This provided delegates -- especially young companies and start-ups -- with valuable information on the creation, finance, regulation and commercialization of technologies in the medical and pharma industries.

Tapping into Nuremberg‘s Medical know-how the meeting hosts The Forum MedTech Pharma enlisted the Medical Valley to directly contribute to the conferences content and program design. Further strengthening collaboration, the Medical Valley also co-located their Medical Valley Summit event with the MedTech Summit 2016.

Local Industry Expertise & Culture Enrich Program 

Kicking off day one of the MedTech Summit program, organizers tapped into local and German based experts with a Plenary Session featuring the Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Ministry Education and Research out of Berlin and others.  The day also ended in executive style with a State Reception held at the 12th century Imperial Castle Nuremberg providing a truly unique and historic setting for networking.

On day one and two an exhibition was also held during extended coffee breaks and lunches with 100+ medical and pharma product and service providers exhibiting and scientists presenting their research projects. 

Hybrid Meeting Element Links Delegates in Nuremberg with Medical Start Ups in Boston Massachusetts Area

Expanding the learning and business footprint of the meeting, the second day of the conference ended with an Innovation Marketplace.  Here start-ups presented their companies and ideas in a search for new connections, partners and funding including 3 early stage U.S. companies live streaming from the new coworking office of Invest in Bavaria at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in Cambridge, MA. Through this special, transatlantic session Lab Cloud, Lumineu and ONEighty C Technologies were linked to a group of 200 delegates in Nuremberg via a YouTube Live/Skype connection arranged by Invest in Bavaria. 

The Wow – The Results & Destination Difference

Nuremberg proved again to be an ideal place to connect local industry expertise and the energy of the global medical and pharma industry with the MedTech Summit 2016 .

Commenting on the power of connecting people together physically and virtually, Janet Danisman Executive Director for the Bavarian U.S. Offices for Economic Development shared, “We definitely want to do live stream sessions from the US to Bavaria again in a setting like the MedTech Summit.  It’s an exciting way to bring together innovators, investors and industry leaders and foster transatlantic research and business connections.”

Further, building on the success of the MedTech shows in Nuremberg, the NürnbergMesse with its honorary sponsor Forum MedTech Pharma will be launching a new fair MT-CONNECT debuting in June 2017.  Also to be held at the NürnbergConvention Center, this event will specialize in the sub-sectors of the development and manufacture of medical products, link with the MedTech Summit, and include side events like matchmaking. 

Commenting on the successful and consistent collaboration with the NürnbergMesse the Managing Director of Forum MedTech Pharma e.V., Dr. Thomas Feigl commented “Since 2008 we have been working incredibly well with NürnbergMesse on our MedTech Summit which is now very well established with over 1,000 visitors and 100 exhibitors. The ongoing, positive feedback from the medical industry, scientific sector and key business leaders on the event and destination gives us cause to be very confident that Nuremberg will continue to be a permanent fixture on the trade fair calendar of the medical technology sector.”


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