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21 Sep 2018

Are you harnessing the full Power of your Live Events?

Author: Karin Althaus, Senior Marketing Associate, Cvent

As event professionals, we all agree that meetings and events are important. However, it’s not always easy to demonstrate how much impact they have and to prove the ROI of your events. The solution lies in event data. It’s therefore not surprising that the powerful relationship between data and events has been a focus of top event professionals and marketers for much of this decade so far. What’s needed is understanding of what the data means, and this information can be used to drive business and improve the attendee experience.

According to “The Power of Live Event Data”, a study developed by Cvent and Event Marketer, most marketers and event professionals know the value of event data. It's clear: better understanding audiences enables organisations to drive more attendance and produce better attendee experiences. But at the same time the report shows that many organisations struggle to capture and use this event data. Not only do they often lack the right technological tools and software solutions, but also the knowledge and skills to gain actionable insights from the data goldmines their events are.    

By collecting the right event data and integrating an attendee’s digital engagement (such as e-mails opened and webpages visited) with their physical footprint (such as sessions attended and exhibitors visited), event professionals and marketers can do the following more effectively:

  • Target messaging, special offers and communications
  • Improve educational content programming
  • Foster two-way communication with attendees
  • Provide more data and insights to marketing and sales
  • Deliver more value to exhibitors and sponsors
  • Better track event performance and ROI
  • Provide more seamless service before, during and after events and meetings

Are you collecting the right data – and enough data – at your events?

Find out by downloading our free report “The Power of Live Event Data” and see how to tap into your own data goldmine and learn how top meetings and event professionals are leveraging technology to make their events more profitable and engaging.



Karin Althaus

Karin Althaus joined the Cvent team in June 2015. Based on her own experience in organising a scientific conference she understands event organisers' pain points and how technology can help them plan, manage, market and measure their events in a more efficient way. As Senior Marketing Associate Karin works closely with Cvent's global teams to plan and execute campaigns both in Europe in general and the DACH region in particular.

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