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April 2019

User Experience as a Key Success Factor: Creating Events that Engage your Audience

GCB Learning Nuggets – No 1: Don’t forget to engage different attendee types

Creating successful events means considering the requirements of your attendees. However, people are different and, with user-centricity taking centre stage in our digital world, meeting the demands of all the different types of attendees has become key for meetings and conference organisers.

Based on the six attendee types identified in phase 2 of the Future Meeting Space study, here are two key points to consider for your next Event:

1. Make it easier for introverts

Three of the six identified attendee types are on the quiet side. To engage and integrate them, create your networking and learning sessions with their specific requirements in mind: 

  • Technology can be a great way of engaging introverts, e.g., interactive apps to take part in Q&A sessions while still staying “quiet” and in the background
  • Provide communication guidance and support in networking situations – quiet people often just wait for someone to actively approach and integrate them!
  • Bring people together in smaller groups to create a more intimate and safer environment that will make it easier to speak up
  • Use design thinking and agile working methods to support networking in a more playful, natural way

2. Make tech accessible

Yep, they still exist: People that are not as tech-savvy as we’d all like to think in the 21st century and our research has identified two attendee types that fall in this category. To ensure that they too can fully engage with your content offerings, take a close look at where you use which technologies and digital tools to either provide added support for the “non-techies” or alternatives. Analogue still has its place and “old-school” formats that do without tech can be just as cool, trendy and engaging. In a nutshell: Never assume that everyone is familiar with everything our digital world has on offer to avoid alienating people when you least want it.

Take look at all the six attendee types here and stay tuned for our next learning nugget with insights on attendee types from an expert meeting planner!

#Eventprofs, this one is for you

In a new series of Learning Nuggets, we’ll serve you the most important results of our Future Meeting Space phase 2 research to create more engaging events. 

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The innovation network “Future Meeting Space” (FMS) was created in 2015 by the German Convention Bureau (GCB) and the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC) in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO. It looks into trends, innovations, and societal developments and their possible influence on the meetings industry. In this context, research focuses on the design of future meetings, the evolving needs of participants and the resulting requirements that anybody involved in the process of planning and creating meetings needs to consider.