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26 Oct 2018

10 Things About the Estrel Berlin to Inspire Planners & Attendees

As Europe’s largest hotel, conference and entertainment center, the Estrel Berlin has everything a planner’s heart could desire to create top notch meetings … all in one convenient and highly professional place, and in one of the world’s most beloved, easily reached, and cost-effective cities. 

But it isn’t just the Estrel Berlin’s location, size or turnkey capabilities that create meetings success.  

It’s also the passion of the Estrel team for warm and personalized hospitality,  world-class entertainment & art, and corporate social responsibility that can truly make for a memorable and engaging experience for attendees. 

This all around commitment to excellence is what draws top organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Amazon, VMWare and the K5 Future Retail Conference to gather there. 

Here’s 10 things – from a much longer list – that they and many others are choosing when they choose to host a conference, meeting or event at the Estrel Berlin. 

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#1  Wow Spaces for 40 to 12,000 people --  The Estrel Berlin features 269K square feet of multifunctional and flexible conference, convention, meeting and event space that can be divided, combined, mixed and matched to suit the vibe and size of any happening.  You can just as easily host a sit down meal in the new private dining room for 40,  as you can make 12,000 guests feel right at home for a conference or exhibition.



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#2  Staying in Style –  With over 800 standard and deluxe rooms and 80 luxury suites there are lots of spaces and options to house meeting attendees just moments away from the connected conference space. Plus all accommodations are thoughtfully designed with a Zen-like feel to help attendees unwind from, or gear-up for busy days.



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#3  An Atrium Designed for Networking  A stunning, recently refurbished atrium teeming with light, greenery and original, commissioned modern art is the ideal spot for a networking reception or informal meet-ups.    Attendees can relax on comfortable couches, enjoy a cocktail from the bar and enjoy the creativity around and above them … think a 20 foot shimmering mobile.

#4 Tech Talent Onsite No need to outsource production or technical support, planners can rely on the expertise and experience of the in-house Estrel tech team. Orchestrating upwards of 1,800 diverse events each year,  30+ Estrel tech professionals have the know-how, technology and equipment to deliver first- class implementation right on the spot.

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#5  Culinary Mastery– Foodie attendees will be happy with four restaurants to choose from on property -- featuring everything from Nebraska steaks at Grill and Taleggio with walnut fig pesto at Portofino .. to schnitzel at Estrel Stube and eye opening buffet breakfasts at La Terrasse.  The Estrel also has an excellent track record of creating catering menus that impress for on and offsite mega-events such as the annual seated dinner with 2,800 guests for MHK or the Guinness Book of World's record feat for the largest Shabbat dinner ever during the Maccabi Games.

#6   Getting A Groove On What do Tina Turner, Elvis, Abba, the Beatles , the Blues Brothers, Madonna and Adele have in common?  Their music and stage “magic” is celebrated as part of the Estrel’s exclusive Tribute and “Stars in Concert” shows. Performed right on property in the Estrel Festival Center theatre, planners can give their attendees a unique and unforgettable experience that will have them singing, cheering, dancing and maybe even joining a conga line.

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#7 Reveling Riverside Just steps outside the hotel’s main entrance awaits a delightful outdoor event space in the river-side Estrel Summer Garden. Graced by giant chestnut trees, a beer garden & bistro and a relaxing space with sand and lounge chairs, attendees will be charmed. There’s also amphitheater-like steps that can host an audience for informal presentations or performances and even the Estrel’s own dock where groups or individual attendees can easily hop on guided city boat tours. 

#8  Serious About CSR – Event planners can make a positive impact with their meeting spend by supporting properties that are serious about CSR.   Whether through the Estrel’s annual Job Fair for Refugees & Foreign Employees, the Frank Zander Christmas Dinner for the Homeless & Needy,  or supporting school building projects in Malawi, Senegal and Nepal, planners can rest assured that the Estrel is whole heartedly committed to making the lives of people better.

#9  Berlin Awaits – Whether going into downtown Berlin as part of a cultural meeting program, for a gala affair, or for individual sight-seeing before or after a conference, the Estrel Berlin is located just a short ride away from all the history and cultural immersion the city has to offer. Delegates can experience remaining parts of the Berlin Wall now covered in thought-provoking art, enjoy the Instagram-ready Brandenburg Gate,  take-in the deeply moving Holocaust Memorial, or check out the hip and authentic local neighborhood of the Estrel Berlin called Neukölln.

#10  More to Come -- With a strong eye towards continuous improvement for global meetings, conferences and exhibitions the Estrel has some new renovations underway. Most notable are the planned addition of the Estrel Auditorium & Meeting Center which will add more breakout and presentation spaces as of April 2020, and the Estrel “tower of power” which will create 800 additional guest rooms in the future. 

Interested in learning more about hosting your event, meeting or conference at the Estrel Berlin? Connect with the Estrel Sales Team at estrelcc@estrel.com and visit www.estrel.com.