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26 Oct 2018

Take the Pulse of Frankfurt's Booming Start-up Scene at TechQuartier

When you think about meeting in Frankfurt, it's natural to think big. As a leading, global meetings city it has a world-class convention center Messe Frankfurt, many large multinational companies and organizations brimming with industry expertise, and a thriving international airport to easily get your delegates to and from practically anywhere.

But Frankfurt isn't just about large scale ventures and infrastructure, it's also a fresh, young and increasingly entrepreneurial city to meet and is working to become a place where start-ups can flourish. In fact, universities, companies and stake holders of the start-up ecosystem in the Rhine Main region are banding together to create 1,000 start-ups by 2022.

So what does this mean for you and your meetings? It means there is a new start-up scene emerging in Frankfurt that you and your attendees can tap into.

@ TechQuartier

Take for example, meeting or doing a design thinking workshop at TechQuartier (TQ), a rapidly growing start-up community and co-creation space that's helping startups, especially FinTechs (financial technology startups), along with corporates, policy makers and other aspiring disruptors exchange ideas and get connected to the right people to help hatch new business ideas.

TQ is the real deal with over 150 members and heavy-hitting partners like PwC, KPMG, Deutsche Börse, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Visa and ING-DiBa for example.

Meet in the Thick of the Frankfurt Start-up Scene

Having hosted over 150 of their own events since being founded in December 2016, TQ welcomes both select meetings, as well as open, recurring community meetups. Bankathon, for example, was an original event recently held at TQ, a FinTech hackathon which brought software developers together for collaborative programming jams over 3 days and nights.

In fact, members of the Frankfurt Convention Bureau and German Convention Bureau team had the opportunity to visit TQ recently and experience Bankathon first hand – quickly learning what an ideal setting TQ is for anyone looking to infuse an innovative spark into their events.

@ TechQuartier

A Mind-Freshening Place to Grow New Ideas

TQ’s vibe is decidedly cool and forward-looking.

Expect the unexpected here, like an indoor wooden chillout “grove” complete with swings where you could have brainstorms. A boat-shaped bar gets people connecting over food and drinks in a free-flowing way. A general area with wooden risers offers space to gather speakers or mix and mingle receptions. A metal-riveted meeting “pod” has been designed for small teams to sync up to hash out new ideas. Attendees can also take a break from the action and recharge in mega bean bag chairs and even an adult-sized fort.

Onboard Start-Up Thinking

In addition to soaking in the accelerator energy at TQ’s space, you can also tap into their entrepreneurial minds by arranging an exclusive innovation workshop hosted on site with one of TQ’s co-founders and their Managing Director Dr. Sebastian Schäfer. Sebastian is a behavioral economist and innovation enthusiast with an entrepreneurial and academic background that can help attendees stretch their minds and put on their start-up thinking caps to tackle issues and capture opportunities from a fresh vantage point.

@ TechQuartier

Just Steps From the Kap Europa

Finally, the dynamic start-up feeling at TQ is just steps away from the acclaimed Kap Europa Convention Center... 450 feet away to be exact.

Kap Europa's, stunning design and award winning dedication to sustainability is ready to host up to 2,400 of your participants throughout a 4-level space that can flex to meet your specific needs. The Bankathon held at TQ, for example, wrapped up with pitches and presentations from the participating programming teams at Kap Europa - adding a special touch to the few days spent in Frankfurt.

So the next time you think about meetings in Frankfurt don't be afraid to think outside the "big" box and consider a start-up friendly set-up to bring new perspectives and hands-on opportunities for your audience - no matter what their industry or business stage.For more information on meeting in Frankfurt - including at TQ - drop a line to the team at the Frankfurt Convention Bureau congress@infofrankfurt.de or visit www.meetfrankfurt.com.