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15 Nov 2019

25 Years of Mapping the Guest Experience / 25 Years Estrel Berlin

What is the significance of 25 years? It marks a quarter century, the accumulation of experiences, the reaching of maturity and the foundations of a history. Twenty-five years ago, our world was one in which the Berlin Wall had come down just five years earlier, people were beginning to surf the web (mostly through dial-up access) and women were moving into more positions of power, and though it didn’t necessarily feel that way, meeting the needs of conference guests was simpler.

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Amidst this dynamic background, the Estrel Berlin was imagined and created by Berlin visionary Ekkehard Streletzki. From inception to now, the Estrel Berlin’s guiding principle and focal point has always been our guests. Mapping the customer experience has enabled the Estrel Berlin to continually fine-tune its operation and stay abreast of this changing world. As a convention-driven property, the Estrel continually considers and anticipates the needs of conference attendees.

For example, Estrel observed that the typical event guest has different requirements throughout the progression of the event. At times attendees may look for an area in which he or she can sit down for a conversation with clients or colleagues. At other times, they need a space to "get some work done" such as checking and responding to emails. Likewise, Estrel recognized there are times when attendees look for the opportunity to enjoy a seated meal, while at other times, a quick meal is preferred or is necessary.

In 2017, when the Estrel undertook a 7.2-million-euro renovation of its Atrium, these observations were actively considered in creating the new design. Two tandem bars were positioned at either side of the glass-ceilinged, light-filled Atrium. Surrounded by clusters of inviting tables, the Estrel created the perfect set-up for face-to-face discussions. In the various corners, work areas with convenient electrical access were stationed as well as lounge areas with sofa ensembles, all offering free hotel Wi-Fi service, meeting the modern attendees’ need for seamless connectivity.

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From a culinary vantage point, guests’ needs were also a major consideration of the new design. For lengthier dining experiences, high quality restaurants line the perimeter of the spacious Atrium and offering both culinary variety and a spectrum of elegance. Guests may choose from traditional German fare served at the relaxed and rustic "Estrel Stube"; creative, Mediterranean dished at the "Portofino"; and premium steaks and grilled fish at the upscale "Grill." For those looking for a quick, "Grab N Go" meal, the two Atrium bars are well stocked with a daily selection of wraps, salads, pretzels and cakes. As dietary requirements of the international event attendees have changed markedly over the past 25 years, Estrel's team of chefs continue to map guests' expectations, keeping an eye on their wishes and preferences as well as dietary trends. As a result, whether in the restaurants or in the via the catering offered in the convention center, guests enjoy not only healthy choices but also vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, halal, and kosher options.

As the Estrel embarks upon its next quarter century, guests continue to be the focal point. Based on client input and our observations, the Estrel Berlin will continue to expand the property in January 2021 with the addition of numerous breakout rooms and a fixed auditorium for up to 900 persons, reflecting the rising importance of interactive adjunct sessions after lectures and presentations.

The next 25 years will surely prove to be as equally dynamic as the last 25. In looking back upon our 25-year history, keeping our guests’ experience in focus was essential to our success. As we move forward, this approach will continue to guide us. The Estrel Berlin is committed to staying ahead of the curve for years to come through deploying new features and amenities that are ideally suited to the needs of our international event guests.