28 Sept 2017

What Kind of Attendee are You? New Survey from GCB & Future Meeting Space Alliance to Reveal Attendance Drivers, Learning Styles & Satisfaction Levels to Help Drive Meeting Innovations

See how your experiences & preferences stack up to other respondents real time

How plugged-in or unplugged was your last meeting? Did you walk away feeling inspired and smarter … or were you there because someone told you to be or to take a break from the office grind? Were you engaged while there and did you walk away satisfied with new learnings and new people in your network? Generally, how do you like to learn- by hearing and seeing, talking it over with colleagues, via hands on experiences or through a combination of these ways?

The new German Convention Bureau (GCB) & partner survey seeks to answer these questions and more, in an effort to get a snapshot of where attendee meeting experiences are right now, and to point to ways where attendee experiences can be improved in the future.  The survey is open now and will close the end of February 2018.

The survey is part of Phase II of the Future Meeting Space (FMS) research initiative. FMS is a joint effort between the GCB, European Association of Event Centres (EVVC) and the Fraunhofer Institute of Industrial Engineering (IAO) and is meant to give planners, delegates and service providers a leg-up on best practices for meetings, conferences and events incorporating design, technology, format and knowledge sharing approaches.

Phase I which began in late 2015 focused on ideas for innovative design and formats and delivered an Innovation Catalog, Meeting Scenarios and a Future Meeting Room model.

Phase II, which began in March of this year and which is being funded by the PCMA Education Foundation, is focused on the attendee experience. 

Realtime Feedback

As a thank you for participating in the new survey, once submitted you can click on a feedback button and immediately see how you stack up against other meeting attendees (or as a planner see how responses are tracking overall.) Did you go in with similar goals and were you more or less satisfied than others afterward? How does your learning style compare to what most people like? Did you get more (or less) engaged or are you more (or less) active at a meeting or conference on average? How does the number of days you spend annually at conferences compare to others in the industry and so on.

Full results from the survey will be available by the end of summer 2018.