An espresso with... Stephen Rose, Siemens AG

Matthias Schultze in conversation with Stephen Rose, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Communication Services, Siemens AG

On: Requirement for event mangers of the future and the role of business events in corporate communication.

Matthias Schultze: Hello and a very warm welcome from IMEX 2018 in Frankfurt. Today, I'm very happy to have Stephen Rose from Siemens here with me. Stephen, you're attending IMEX today to get an overview of the latest trends in live communication and you also gave a talk about requirements for event managers of the future at the "Event Lecturers Forum". I'd like to know a bit more about that. What does the job profile for event managers of the future look like? What are the three main requirements that need to be fulfilled?

Stephen Rose: In general, the industry is, of course, in a process of significant change. We are right in the digital transformation and events are not untouched by that. Concepts change, processes change, the tools we work with change. However, above all also the mindset changes which is, of course, reflected, in the skills we're looking for when hiring new event managers, i.e., interdisciplinary working, to be really able to work with data and to use IT tools but at the same time also not to forget what it's really about at the heart of it - the creation of a great experience for our visitors.

Matthias Schultze: That's a very good cue for my next question about events and business events in particular. Which role do they play in the overall corporate communication?

Stephen Rose: As part of corporate communication, they are, of course, a major component of our marketing and communication mix. So far, many of our events were simply put on for the sake of putting them on: Looking at a yearly roadmap, you could see one event after the next with corresponding communication activities planned around them. I believe this will change in future. I think that we'll need to treat events more like one part of a milestone in the customer journey. We'll need to plan the content and then identify the events we're using to communicate this content to the right target group.

Matthias Schultze: This also implies new requirements for tomorrow's leaders. Which requirements to they need to fulfil, especially, of course, in the event sector and in corporate communication?

Stephen Rose: I've spoken about job profiles before and this means that we'll also need to lead the staff fulfilling these job profiles and, of course, also millennials. A lot is happening in this area. We see, for example, more responsibility with individual project managers that work together in agile, interdisciplinary teams. It's not about the silos of individual departments anymore. Therefore, it is a leader's role to create the right kind of environment in which our colleagues can bring the events to live and, of course, also to act as a coach and as someone who is by their side in this process of transformation.

Matthias Schultze: Many thanks to Stephen Rose from Siemens who's been with us "For an Espresso with Matthias Schultze"