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Eurogress Aachen

Location, Aachen


the name that rings a pleasant bell across the borders of Germany, is a city with flair and character, reputed for its openness, hospitality and productivity. And for the Eurogress, where people enjoy meeting and staging their presentations, where the good business is done. A place for exchanging ideas and sharing new impulses, it is the ideal venue for your conference, fair or exhibition.

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Eurogress Aachen
Monheimsallee 48
52062  Aachen


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Situated in the heart of Aachen's spa park and located between the International Casino and an exclusive hotel, the Eurogress provides a first-rate atmosphere. It's only a few minutes' walk from the city's beautiful historic centre and world-renowned University of Technology.

The large and spacious centre boasts a total exhibition space of 2,700 net square metres. And the whole range of services is perfect, from the delivery logistics through to fitted communication and supply lines. Our full service covers acquisition and organisation - we're there to handle practically everything for you to ensure that you, for your part, need only concentrate on the essentials.

Why not host an exhibition!  
A congress need not be organized along the same old pattern. How about an exhibition! Because an exhibition in conjunction with your event enhances the attraction. It guarantees additional participants and contributes towards the financing of your project. You can thereby achieve something which otherwise you could only dream of: directly approaching your target group without the least deviation. We can assist you with spacious exhibition areas that are directly linked to the function rooms.

Present your best!

Intercommunication is a skill. The Eurogress makes successful product launches possible especially for the small and medium-sized company. We provide a representative surrounding that is within just a stone's throw from your final company tour. Plus all the advantages of the city's location.

Demonstrate what you have to offer!

The Eurogress is also a unique venue for large consumer fairs. The three-border Maas-Rhine triangle offers an international flair, opens up boundaries and thrives on unreserved European cooperation. You have all the conceivable possibilities of presenting your products and your themes to a wide public. The appropriate clientele can also be found here. Almost 300 million attentive and sound consumers live within a radius of 200 kms from Aachen and within 500 kms two-thirds of the entire EC population. The Eurogress Aachen can interlink these lucrative markets for you.