Tips for conference planners: Security measures and contingency plans are a must

Better safe than sorry!


One thing is certain: Everyone hopes things will go well every time, but what if they don't?

Have you thought about the safety and security of your event? And have you insured against all eventualities?

Security has many aspects and they all come at a price. However, it pays to prepare security measures and contingency plans well in advance.

Personal protection becomes a particularly sensitive issue if prominent business people or politicians are expected to be present as delegates or speakers. Close cooperation with the police and security services is needed in these cases. The same applies if the theme of your MICE event is controversial or those attending hold extreme views, so be prepared for possible protests.

With regard to data protection/privacy, remember that you will be collecting a large amount of digital information about your participants/speakers, including payment transactions and bookings which need to be protected from hackers. Depending on the theme of your event, protection against industrial espionage may also be something to be considered. Could the function rooms be bugged?

And what about the partners and service providers you have hired? What would happen, and who would pay, if they cancelled at the last minute and had to be replaced? Not to mention safeguards against accident, fire or disaster and the provision of (emergency) first aid.

In Germany, events of all kinds must comply with the Standard Regulation on Places of Assembly (MVStättV) applicable in the relevant state. Ensure that you read the general terms and conditions in your hire agreements carefully, because you – and not necessarily the venue operator – may be responsible for compliance with legislation.