Easy ways to hold green meetings

Conference and convention organisers already have plenty to think about without sustainability as well, but don't worry, it's not hard to make an event eco-friendly. Start with our list of top tips.



  1. Pave the way in advance
    State that sustainability is a priority in all enquiries and also brief all staff accordingly.

  2. Read the signs
    Pay attention to the certification held by venues and suppliers. Which boast environmental labels such as the Blue Angel? Do they use solar energy etc.? Prioritise green suppliers.

  3. Work without paper
    Managing projects and participants is easy to do online and conference documentation can be made available to download from the internet.

  4. Adopt a carbon-neutral policy
    There are plenty of options for participants and the companies you have hired, such as shorter distances to travel and low-emission transport.

  5. Think global, act local
    So use as many local partners and products as possible.

  6. 'Green' catering
    The products used should be regional and seasonal; the dishes and cutlery should be reusable or at least recyclable.

  7. Think about recycling
    Use the German dual system for recycling as far as possible. Provide suitable recycling bins with separate compartments in public spaces as well as behind the scenes.

  8. Re-use
    There are reusable solutions for all sorts of signs so collect them and keep them. The same applies to counters and banners etc. which can be used many times if they are not branded for specific events.

  9. Save energy and resources
    Seek out low-use alternatives for both power and water, such as LED lights and economy buttons.

  10. Offset your carbon
    A CO2 calculator helps to find out which off-setting projects can restore the balance. There are various options such as www.co2ol.de, www.atmosfair.de oder www.myclimate.de.

We recommend the Guidelines for the Sustainable Organisation of Events issued by theFederal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), which also contain useful cross-references.

Christine Koch

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