Right and Fair

In order to respond to the growing interest in sustainability and responsible argumentation in the event sector, the GCB German Convention Bureau e. V. and the European Association of Event Centers (EVVC) suggested the development of a joint sustainability codex based on the results of the Green Meetings and Events Conference 2011.  

The aim of this agreement is to create a unifying "green umbrella" for the event sector by formulating 10 eye-catching guiding principles in order to project this strategic position into international competition. It requires a voluntary commitment on the part of companies – similar to the UN's Global Compact – to the ten principles of the codex.

The German Sustainability Codex (DNK) produced by the German Council for Sustainable Development is one of the most important landmarks in this area and allows the sustainability performance of companies and organisations to be measured and compared. At the same time, the DNK provides a further incentive for greater transparency and sustainable responsibility in companies. The DNK assesses 20 sustainability criteria each with one or two performance indicators, which can be used by companies to measure and document their sustainability performance. Companies are questioned about their sustainability strategies and aims both in ecological and socio-economic terms.

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right and fair - sustainability code of the event industry
right and fair - sustainability code of the event industry