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Innovation network "Future Meeting Space"

The innovation network "Future Meeting Space" was created by the GCB and the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC) in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO. It looks into trends, innovations, and societal developments and their possible influence on the meetings industry.

The project is divided into two phases: in phase 1, the Fraunhofer Institute compiles a list of innovations (social trends, new methodologies and teaching concepts, innovative mobility and technology as well as infrastructure) in an "innovation catalogue". These trends are then evaluated within focus groups and expert interviews in order to develop a "Future Meeting Guide".

The results of the research phase will serve as an instruction manual for the design of future-oriented organisational, technological and special future meeting spaces in phase 2 of the project. 

Research Partners

The "Future Meeting Space" network consists of the consortium leaders German Convention Bureau (GCB) and European Association of Event Centres (EVVC), the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO as project manager, and multiple research partners from various areas of the industry. These partners are:

Taking a look at the Future of our Industry

Germany has ranked highly as an international meetings destination for years. To secure this success in the long term, the German Convention Bureau (GCB) and its partners published the study "Meetings and Conventions 2030" in October 2013. The study focused on scientifically-based research on future megatrends: transformations which extend across several decades, have an effect across all areas of life and are of an essentially global nature. The study identified five predominant megatrends which will have a particularly substantial impact on the meeting and congress sector: technology, in work and life, globalisation and internationalisation, mobility of the future, sustainable development and demographic change.

Technology in particular will be a dominant feature as well as a challenge for the meetings industry for years to come. Examples include information and data security, new ways of imparting knowledge, virtual meeting units and networking of virtual spaces, increased participation of people or man/machine interfaces which need to take account of human needs despite the progression of technology.


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What does the Future of the meetings sector look like?
What does the Future of the meetings sector look like?

What does the Future of the meetings sector look like?

Scenarios of future meeting formats

View our infographic with six meeting formats from Interactice Forum to Unplugged Meeting

Recent results of reaserach

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