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Innovation network "Future Meeting Space"

The innovation network "Future Meeting Space" systematically anticipates relevant developments in the event industry in order to derive indications for future requirements of an organizational, technological and spatial nature. Together with a wide range of research partners, the innovation network not only identifies developments and opportunities, but also provides clear, practice-oriented recommendations for action. In this way, it aims to make a significant contribution to the further development of business events.

Future Role and Purpose of Event Study study is available now:

Topics and research phases.

The challenges of the post-Corona era: the new ecosystem of events (research focus 2021).

With the current research focus, the Innovation Network is looking at the challenges of the post-Corona epoch.

The central thesis is that the ecosystem of events will undergo massive and lasting change. We want to go in search of influencing factors and cause-effect relationships and investigate the emerging possibilities and opportunities of this change.

The goal is to develop usage scenarios for real, hybrid and virtual meeting spaces, taking into account alternative and changing uses of existing and new spaces, areas and locations.

Research Partners 2021

Previous research topics

The role of events in the communication mix of organizations (2019/20).
In the third research phase, the Innovation Network addressed the future role of events in the mix of communicative measures. The aim was to develop future scenarios for the role of events, to describe the resulting success factors and prerequisites, and to derive changed requirements for events, organizations, locations, and personnel. In order to make the success of future events, whose requirements have changed, measurable, new success factors (Key Performance Indicator - KPI) were also established.

Research Partners 2020

Participant experience as a success factor (2017/18)
The second research phase examined the questions of which different types of event participants exist, how the use of different methodological and technological elements at events affects participants*, and how these elements affect success factors such as user acceptance, knowledge transfer, learning progress, and experience value for different types of participants (e.g. prosumer, consumer).

Future Event Scenarios & Future Meeting Room (2015/16).
In the first research phase of the innovation network, six different scenarios of future event forms were derived. As a concrete implementation example from these, the research partners worked out the interactive scenario "Future Meeting Room" in order to be able to fulfill the participant needs and requirements that will arise in the future as optimally and precisely as possible. Part of the study was a comprehensive innovation catalog with new approaches for business events of the future.

News from the current research prozess:

The Initiators

The Future Meeting Space Innovation Network was launched in 2015 by the GCB German Convention Bureau e.V. in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO.

Current and previous research results

The Future Role and Purpose of Business Events

Final research study is available now!

Innovation Catalogue

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